Outdoor team building activities

Imagine a beautiful sunny day in a garden on the shores of Lake Maggiore. This the scenery for the outdoor challenges! The group is divided into teams and will be challenged, one against one, in fun games which strengthen team spirit, stimulate creativity and bring out competitiveness.

Millipede – The whole team will put on one pair of long skis and try to move from one side of the battle field to the other. It’s a test of coordination, patience and efficiency to be able to beat the other team to the finish line!

Soccer/Tennis – The two teams meet on a tennis court to play…soccer! Lobs and head shots are allowed…but it’s absolutely prohibited to use your hands!

Recycling experience – The team is given recycling material which they have to use to build a boat. The boat then has to reach the other side of the “lake” (a tarp laid out on the lawn) without ever being touched. On the tarp there will be 4 handprints and 5 footprints for the team to use wisely to blow the boat to the other side.

Race on a puoff – Each member of the team has to cross a path, without getting off the pouf!

Speed Message – The team finds itself before a blank whiteboard. One at a time they have to run and take a paper note from the basket on the other side of the lawn. On each note is a word and together they form a famous phrase. The winning team is the one that first manages to put the phrase together in the right order!

Flying carpet – The whole team has to stand on a tarp. They then have to fold the tarp in half without touching the ground or falling. The team that manages to fold the tarp the most times wins the challenge!

Marshmallow tower – The teams are given 5 marshmallows, 20 uncooked spaghetti, 1 meter of tape and 2 meters of twine. They then have a limited time to build the highest mashmallow tower, to beat the other team. The tower has to remain standing for 30 seconds to win!

Hoola Hoop Challenge – The team stands in a circle holding hands. Two of the people in the circle let go of their hands just long enough to insert a hoola hoop. The task is for the team to make the hoola hoop go around the entire circle until it reaches the starting point, without letting go of the hands!

After the challenges the judges will count the scores and the winner will be announced!

…and here is the video!