Cocktail Hour

This team building activity combines competitivity and fun! The group is divided into teams and placed around different work stations with all the equipment necessary for creating cocktails. The game is divided into three challenges:

  • Replicate the cocktail: The bartender prepares a particular cocktail which then has to be reproduced perfectly by each team.
  • Guess the ingredients: The teams are faced with tasting mini-cocktails and have to identify which ingredients were used in each one.
  • Create your own drink: The teams have 15 minutes and a vast choice of ingredients to create their own cocktail and give it a name.

Each challenge will be supervised and judged by a professional bartender. The challenges will be scored according to taste, accuracy and originality. At the end of the activity the guests will have an aperitif and the winner will be announced.

This can be a fun alternative to an aperitif before dinner!