Unconventional Triathlon

The participants divided into teams of maximum 18, have to compete in three trials, one after the other : dragon boat, bike and a manual test (cooking) or a test of speed and acuteness. A dedicated location, 3 trials and a guide for each team. The teams are then divided into three larger groups. With the guide the groups rotate from one trial to the next.

1st challenge – Dragon Boat: After a short briefing with the instructor, the teams get on board the boats, and following a laid out course, they have to row in synchronisation to be the first team to reach the finishline.

2nd challenge – Bike: The participants are equipped with bike and helmet in this test of technique and balance. Following a dirt track the participants, departing one at a time, will be assigned points or penalties depending on how they perform in the most critical passages.

3rd challenge – Speed Message: The teams gather around a whiteboard. About ten meters ahead of them is a basket full of notes, each one with a word written on it. One at a time, the participants have to run to grab a note and bring it back to the whiteboard. The words form a phrase and the first team to organize the words in the right order wins.

Alternative 3rd challenge – Tiramisu: The teams find themselves in front of a work station, complete with bowls, whisks, spatulas and ingredients to make…tiramisu! A jury will evaluate the masterpieces and assign a score according to presentation, taste and collaboration.

After the trials, the teams rest on the beach while the judges sum up the scores for the final verdict. The winning team is announced and awarded followed by dinner with a surprise dessert… the tiramisu made by the participants!

and here is the video!