Lago Maggiore Cup

Creating team spirit and getting to know the marvels of this territory in a fun way, that is the objective of this treasure hunt on the waters of Lake Maggiore.

Sapori d’Italia DMC proposes a new way of discovering or beautiful Borromean Gulf spending a few hours on the lake between gardens, ancient monasteries, splendid palaces and characteristic villages.

Each participating team will have the goal of discovering the secrets of the lake, its natural beauty and to immortalise it with plenty of photos! Throughout the activity each team will have a motorboat at disposal and have to follow a set itinerary during which they will get to visit places of interest like the Isola Bella with its famous Baroque palace and magical garden on ten terraces overlooking the lake, the Isola Pescatori with its medieval village, the incredible botanical gardens of Villa Taranto and Isola Madre, among others. The teams will have a “roadbook” filled with questions to answer and challenges to face.

The day ends with lunch or dinner and a surprise awards ceremony!

…and here is the video !