Italy, That’s Amore!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, goes the saying…

This is the motto of this fun and high-paced team building activity – “When in Italy, do as the Italians do!”

The delegates are divided into teams and will have to face three different Italy-themed challenges on rotation, each challenge of ca. 20 minutes.

  • Tiramisù : the teams have to prepare the best tasting – and best looking – tiramisù, which will be judged by a real chef!
  • Sing a song : the team members have to show their intonation and sychronisation skills singing…VOLARE!
  • Marshmallow Tower : The teams have 20 spaghetti, 5 marshmallows, 1 metre of tape and 2 metres of twine to create the highest and most stable tower!

Extra, or alternative challenges can be added such as: Wine and cheese tasting, Make a rap song, Create your HAKA, Pizza Party, Fit into a Fiat 500…and many more!

As a last surprise challenge, all teams come together in performing “Volare” with the dramatic backdrop of Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Gulf!

At the end of the activity the scores will be counted and the winner will be announced!

…and here is the video!