Fragrant walk along the lakeshore

Here is a different way to appreciate and to learn more about the lake’s surroundings – exploring fragrances and smells. Sapori d’Italia DMC offers you a chance to discover the area in a new way – using your nose. This experience will awaken your senses and make this beautiful area truly unforgettable.

With the help of an experienced teacher, trained in olfactory communication, you will learn to recognise the different fragrances of this area. Together we will design an “olfactory route” in which your sense of smell will guide you. We will help you focus on the fragrances of the many flowers growing in the parks and gardens, on the smell of the waves when you are on a boat and on the sweet smell of freshly cooked food.

A game or test, of course, can be organised for the end of the day, to see if participants are able to recognise the fragrances they have just learnt about!