DMC Lake Maggiore

Many hands make light work!

First contact in February to organise a recreational activity for 36 people of 18 different nationalities.

Only 2 hours time to have fun, but above all to sink into a real team atmosphere aimed to create synergy and cohesion among people almost unknown.

In the host structure’s garden, the entire group has been divided into teams, each team elects its captain and achieves various challenges, that always oppose two different teams.

Each challenge’s duration is max. 10 minutes and scores given by strict judges, are calculated on the basis of time spent doing it and of course accuracy and regularity of the various challenges.

All teams together take part in the final challenge. An activity dedicated to local Piedmontese handicraft: setting up a giant Pinocchio and painting it according to the team’s creativity and imagination.

In addition to the scores received for each challenge, the last artistic competition is a great help to crown with honour the winning team.

…and here is the video!

Project Details

Date : Mar 2016