DMC Lake Maggiore

Discover our territory and tradition

First contact in November to organise a particular day to discover territory and traditions for 150 guests of different nationalities.

Annual Spring Meeting of the company’s top managers. The chosen location is a prestigious hotel in Baveno, on Lake Maggiore’s shores. From the first visit, the small village of Trontano in Ossola Valley captivates our guests with its atmosphere and its touch a little bit retro. The event takes place on April 5th and 6th. Welcome of the guests at the two main airports of Milan and transfer to Baveno.

A lot of work to prepare everything in the various rooms at disposal for the event, but also pleasant and funny moments during the charming dinner organized on the Fishermen’s Island. But the greatest event is on Wednesday: guests, perfectly on time, get in three coaches accompanied by English speaking guides, who along the way reveal the schedule. Once in Domodossola, by train (special reserved run), guests reach Verigo and Marone, two destinations for the hiking experience: easier starting from Verigo, longer and more difficult starting from Marone. With surprise 80% of guests decide to start their hiking experience from Marone and accompanied by English speaking naturalist guides, they take advantage of the wonderful weather for a refreshing walk in the wood. After about 1-hour walk the first stop is at Graglia’s mills, welcome by the “Donne del Parco” (local folkloristic group with women in traditional costumes) with typical music. It is time for a genuine “Ossola Valley’s snack”: local products and good local wine… and what about the homemade bread cake prepared by ladies of the valley!? Once in Trontano guests achieve some fun activities until dinner… and what a dinner! Grill and pots ready to continue the experience related to local flavours: “polenta” (cornmeal mush), famous Trontano’s ribs and also vegetarian dishes for guests coming from far away.

Late evening, everybody sit down around the fire to sing some of the most famous international songs.

…..and here is the video !

Project Details

Date : Mar 2016